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  • Jeanette Ageson
    Jeanette Ageson

    Chief Revenue Officer, The Tyee

  • Felice Bisby
    Felice Bisby

    Photo Editor/Designer, Knowledge Network

  • Harold Boies
    Harold Boies

    Director, Periodical Publishing Policy and Programs, Canadian Heritage

  • Denny Dias
    Denny Dias

    Video Producer/Graphic Designer, Alive Publishing

  • Sue Donaldson
    Sue Donaldson

    Literary Arts Program Officer, BC Arts Council

  • Scott Gray
    Scott Gray

    Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Mitchell Press

  • Taryn Hardes
    Taryn Hardes

    Digital Marketer and Freelance Social Media Strategist

  • Kate Lesniak
    Kate Lesniak

    Publisher, Bitch Media

  • AnnMarie MacKinnon
    AnnMarie MacKinnon

    Publisher, Geist magazine

  • Ijeoma Oluo
    Ijeoma Oluo

    Editor-at-Large, The Establishment

  • Devon Persing
    Devon Persing

    Accessibility Specialist, Simply Accessible

  • Karm Sumal
    Karm Sumal

    Co-Founder and CEO, Daily Hive

  • Jenny Uechi
    Jenny Uechi

    Special Reports, National Observer